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Far manager shortcuts

  • Ctrl-A - file attributes (equivalent to F9, F, A)
  • Alt-F9 - maximize window
  • Alt-Shift-F9 - configure plugins
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift - hide windows while the keys are held
  • F4 on a folder - edit folders attributes (ctrl-a)
  • alt-left, right, home, end - scroll long names
  • ctrl-ins - copy names of the selected files into clipboard (command line empty, ctrl-shift-ins if not empty)
  • ctrl-alt-ins - copy network (unc) names into clipboard
  • alt-shift-ins - copy full (with path) names into clipboard
  • ctrl-f - full file name from the actve panel, crtl-: from passive (equiv to crtl-], ctrl-enter)
  • ctrl-end - command string completion from the history (press again to go to the next matching history line)
  • alt-f8 - command history
  • alt-f10 - find folder
  • alt-f11 - view and edit history
  • alt-f12 - folder history
  • shift-f1,f2,f3 - archive management commands
  • shift-f10 - show the last menu command
  • ctrl-\ - back to root
  • shift-enter in the drive menu - show root directory in explorer
  • ctrl-pgdn - enter in an archive/especially SFX
  • ctrl-g - run command on selected files, like «rar32 m !.!.rar !.!» to rar each file in its own archive
  • alt-ins - screen grabber
  • ctrl-«gray .» - record a keyboard macro
  • alt-del - wipe file, overwrite with 0, trunicate, rename to a temp name and delete.
  • ctrl-w - task list
  • ctrl-tab F12 - switch panes (screens) inside of far
  • ctrl-f full file name into the command line
  • alt shift ins full file name into clipboard for selected files
  • ctrl alt ins unc names into clipboard of the selected files
  • ctrl ins name into clipboard of the selected files if no cmd line
  • ctrl shift ins name into clipboard of the selected files always
  • ctrl m restore previous selection
  • ctrl enter in quick search (alt-letter) selects file and moves to the next
  • shift enter in history selects an item not changing its positions

FAR lesser known shortcuts In the drive menu - Shift - Del to disconnect Flash, Del remove a CD. Ctrl-. to start recording macro. Ctrl-. again to end and assign a key To erase a macro do Ctrl-. twice then use the key you want to erase.

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